If you put a group of people with a variety of interests and jobs in a room socially or professionally, can you guarantee whether by the end of the day there will be wedding bells, corporate alliances or vows never to darken one another’s door again? Very few people would be able to.

With this in mind, how successful can you expect to be if you put a team of people together based on their knowledge alone and expect them to implement a project successfully with total agreement the first time. No hitches, no deadlines missed, no budgets exceeded and not one cross word? Unlikely. Why is it unlikely?

A GREAT team: where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
A TYPICAL team: where the whole is less.

Which would you prefer?

Individuals are unique in their characteristics, motivations, values and beliefs. The way they approach situations, how they assimilate information, their personality strengths and their reactions vary greatly. Within some teams there can be high levels of frustration and competitiveness or a lack of empathy that can destroy the whole project.

BlueTree Specific Skills team training is used to create the ideal new team, repair and rejuvenate existing teams or work with debriefing teams to improve future project communications.

“Don’t guess how the team works, find out for certain”

How? We profile the individuals strengths, weakness and how they communicate. Using Facet5 TeamScape , we overlay all the profiles to identify where the whole team’s strengths and weakness lie. Facet5 TeamScape gives a powerful visual representation of a team’s work style, where they work well and where they may experience difficulties. It will clearly indicate the effect of bringing a new person into an established team and also show how a person views them self and how they come across to others.

Using a simple model of problem solving TeamScape identifies:
Individual contributions – what unique talents does each person bring?
The synergies – which people have a ‘like-minded’ approach to issues?
Potential flashpoints – will people’s different approaches affect a team’s ability to get things done?
If differences do arise, how can they be resolved?

Teamwork is essential for companies who want to remain competitive and responsive in today’s business environment.

Contact BlueTree to add essence to your team work

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