Facet5 is a ‘Big 5′ factor personality model, which allows managers to understand how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes and aspirations.

facet5: The owners guide to getting the best from yourself and others.

Five factors are now widely accepted as the fundamental building blocks of personality. These ‘Big 5′ have consistently emerged from research around the world as the irreducible minimum needed to give a comprehensive description of a person’s personality.

Facet5 measures these five factors precisely and quickly to give the most accurate and easily applied portrait of individual differences in behaviour. Facet5 also allows a detailed breakdown of these five factors into 13 sub-factors (facets) to explore subtleties of behaviour at an individual level.

Facet5 was designed in response to requests from many organisations for an instrument, which combined: modern design, construction and appearance, ease and flexibility of use, reasonable cost and integration with human resource management systems. It’s based on recent developments in personality theory and management development and yet is simple and practical to use. Facet5′s theoretical and psychometric integrity is comparable with or superior to other mainstream, but now dated personality questionnaires.

Facet5 works at all levels from individual assessment through selection, recruitment and team integration. Facet5 can even be extended to understand culture and values at a team or corporate level.

Facet5 uses a web-based questionnaire to capture information; people respond to an e-mailed invitation and are taken directly to the Facet5 website. Most people can complete a Facet5 questionnaire in around 17 minutes. Facet5 data is processed instantly and is immediately available for review by authorized users, with reports shown on screen or produced as a fully formatted pdf for printing or emailing.


There is no one type of person required to make a team perform. Organisations rarely have the luxury of being able to say, ‘John has all the technical knowledge but is the wrong sort – find a different John’. Teams sometimes come together through careful planning and design. More often there’s a large degree of serendipity. Who’s available? Who’s affordable? Who wants to do it?

Teamscape: The Managers guide to getting the best from his team.

Since we can’t always choose the people in the team to get a perfect blend, we work with what we’ve got. We do that by understanding each other and learning to value the strengths and work around the weaknesses.

Case 1
A chief scientific officer loathes making decisions – he prefers to consult. Can the decision-making be allocated within the executive team? Following a corporate merger, a team of 20 pharmaceutical patent specialists were employed to rationalize the delivery of 600 products. The team were brilliant analysts, but the corporation needed fast, accurate decisions not alternatives. TeamScape showed the gaps and what needed to be done.

A small family service company needed to expand rapidly without upsetting the existing business. How could they get better control of the cash position without alienating long-term clients? TeamScape identified key strengths within the executive.
Using both self report and multi-rater (360) reviews, TeamScape gives a powerful visual image of a team’s work style and how they go about resolving differences. With specialised graphics TeamScape clearly shows the effect of bringing a new person into an established team. TeamScape shows how a person sees them self and how they impact others. Using a simple 4-stage model of problem solving TeamScape identifies:

  • Individual contributions – what unique talents does each person bring?
  • The synergies – which people have a ‘like-minded’ approach to issues?
  • Potential flashpoints – will people’s different approaches affect a team’s ability to get things done? if differences do arise, how can they be resolved?

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