Where to Start?
Blue Tree Specific Skills knows that the world of grant and business assistance is a daunting one. Trying to find who to talk to and what questions you need to ask are often enough to put off all but the most determined.

Our in depth knowledge of how funding works, who is eligible for help and what questions to ask mean that we can find the right funding for you and we can help you meet and exceed the criteria for a grant.

Once you have received your grant we work with you and your company to get the very best volume from the grant to your business. You can also learn about business growth by checking the new PayStubCreator software.

“You pay enough tax; wouldn’t it be nice to get something in return?”

What is A Grant?
A grant is a sum of money given to an individual or business for a specific project or purpose. Grants to help with business development are available from a variety of sources, including local, regional and national government, the European Commission and some charitable organisations. A grant will cover only part of the total costs involved in which case the remainder is provided by your organisation.

Why Are Grants Awarded?
These grants may be linked to precise areas of business activity, such as exporting, new product development or training, or a specific industry sector. In addition there are some grants that are linked to specific geographical areas, because for example they are in need of economic regeneration.

Who Provides Grants?
Some European and UK government funding is distributed through regional development agencies, colleges and the Learning and Skills Council.

The following indicates the key areas of government support available. Research and development, and innovation The Government is keen to encourage investment in research and development, and innovation. Consequently, there are a number of grants available. For information on financial support available see our guides on innovation, research and development grants and how to find support for inventors.

Some businesses partner a research or academic organisation in a project of mutual interest.

What Areas Do Grants Cover?

The Learning and Skills Council provides grants for training and skills development.

Winning Leaders for Cambridgeshire – £1000 towards developing the leadership and management skills of MDs & CEOs

Best business practice in SME’s
Financial support from the DTI may be available for your business if it is seeking to implement best practice in the way it works.
Click here to find out more about our Best practice £5000 grant.

Young entrepreneurs
Anyone unemployed or employed in a part-time or low-paid job, aged between 18-30 and with an idea for a business, can apply for funds to the Prince’s Trust.
Click here to talk to us about grants available in your area

Economic regeneration
Businesses based in areas classified as assisted areas may benefit from a grant if they stimulate regional development, urban regeneration or an improvement in employment prospects.
Click here to talk to us about grants available in your area

Not sure which grant applies to you? Click here to contact us, we will help.

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